🧲 Let's stick together

We've added groupings for import rule fields and update fields.


👑 What is your title?

We've added a few page titles to recognize tabs and history better.


🗄 We like a good sorting

To improve the overview of the prepare list in MyWuunder, the date filter has been changed: what was previously sorted by the update date, is now sorted by the order date. You will therefore find the latest orders at the top. When printing labels, the newest order is now also printed first.

📄 Hand over that list

In the past when generating a handoverlist. You got all the shipments from the beginning of your Wuunder time. Now we can generate a handoverlist for all the shipments in the date range of the filter (which by default is set to 3 months and is always visible in MyWuunder).

📁 Filenames

Are you sick of having original.pdf, original (1).pdf, original (2).pdf, etc? We are!
We've changed the downloaded filenames to show the reference number of the shipment and reflect what file it is.
So now you will get:

  • 'KS1234559-label.pdf'
  • 'KS1234559-packing-list.pdf'
  • 'KS1234559-commercial-invoice.pdf'
📍 Parcelshop picker

Choose your parcelshop based on your enabled carriers. Get a real-time map of their location and quickly see which one is closest to you. 🌍

Schermafbeelding 2022-06-02 om 21.05.09.png

image (38).png

💎 Reflect Reflect Reflect

The filters are now showing "all" instead of "select" to better reflect what filters do!

image (1).png

✅ Thinking inside the checkbox

Our team added a disabled checkbox to the draft edit form showing whether a shipment is a return shipment or not.


💪 DIY: Change your password

Take control and change the password to your wuunder account yourself. Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your account.

You'll find this option under settings -> change password.

image (1).png

👀 See which import rules have been applied

Knowledge is power! Now when booking your orders. You can see which import rules have been applied on the draft edit page.

Aren't you working with import rules yet? Make your life easier and start using them! Our Customer Service is happy to help setting them up for you.


👀 See which account you are working in

We've added the users company name to the button in MyWuunder. It's a small thing but we hope it is a bit useful to customers that have multiple accounts.


💪 DIY: Change your company name

Customers can now change their own company name in account settings

🔍 New search filter: import source

What's new?

We've added a new filter which makes it easier for you to search shipments based on your import source. You'll find this filter on the book overview page.


🚚 Add UPS to parcelshop locator

It is now possible to select the carrier UPS in the parcelshop locator. We use distances based on data provided by UPS. We also added two open and close hours (morning and afternoon).


More information on the parcelshop locator you can find here.

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